Alex Jones in court: George Soros is damaging people’s brains with weed that’s too strong

During testimony at his child custody hearing Thursday, Alex Jones said that while he smoked marijuana in high school, as an adult he has cut back his use. These days, thanks to billionaire philanthropist George Soros, pot is way too strong and it’s giving people brain damage, he said.

Jones said he does, however, still “test” it once a year, to monitor it’s strength, just like law enforcement enforcement does.

The line of questioning seemed to be related to Jones’ general sense of responsibility and control over his faculties. Attorneys for his ex-wife referenced a clip of Joe Rogan’s podcast during which Jones smoked a joint and drank alcohol (Jones characterized Rogan’s show as a “man cave show where you go in the man cave and do man cave things”) and asked him about his drinking habits and whether he’s ever appeared on Infowars drunk. He said he’s trying to cut back because it makes him fat and that he’s never been intoxicated on the show.


Jones also said that his “Star Trek Lizard take your vaccines kids” bit on his show is a joke. Here’s a clip of that, if you’re not familiar:

Yeah, dude seems in control to me.

[screen shot: Infowars]