Roger Stone got his Twitter account locked again for threatening a woman

Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally currently under FBI investigation for collusion with a Russian hacker during the 2016 election, got his ass kicked off Twitter again, this time for making threats against the communications director for Media Matters, Laura Allison Keiter.

According to BuzzFeed, Stone’s account was locked after the threat was reported by Keiter and a number of other Twitter users. (Keiter has chosen a new Twitter handle since the incident.) The suspension comes only a month after the last time Stone was locked from the service for misogynistic attacks against Ana Navarro and another Twitter user. His account was reinstated after 12 hours. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

In the meantime, here’s some videos showing Stone’s collection of Richard Nixon marijuana paraphernalia. Happy 4/20, shit head.

[photo: Getty]