Steve Bannon told Roger Ailes that Megyn Kelly is ‘the devil’

During the Trump campaign, conservative conspiracy mongers Steve Bannon of Breitbart and Roger “Ol’ Hamburger Balls” Ailes enjoyed a passionate love affair until some interfering broad caused an irreparable rift. Bitches. They ruin everything. Right?

Before Bannon joined the Trump initiative, he sat comfortably at the helm of basement blog outfit Breitbart News, which of course helped propel the Trump tidal wave up into the highest office of the United States. According to a new story in Politico, as the heads of two similar conservative news outlets, Bannon and Ailes were locked in a passionate struggle for Trump’s heart and mind. I am picturing a horrific, blobby threesome, so now you have to as well, dear reader.

Anyway, things came to a head when Bannon and Ailes, two would-be allies, were confronted with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly’s moderating methods during the first Republican primary debate in August 2015. Kelly grilled Trump for being pro-choice, for supporting Hillary Clinton in the past, and for calling women names such as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

Shockingly, that didn’t sit well with Bannon, who isn’t exactly known for his staunch advocacy for women’s rights. “The big rift between Breitbart and Fox was all over Megyn Kelly,” he told Politico this week. “She was all over Trump nonstop. I told [Ailes] then, I said, ‘She’s the devil, and she will turn on you.’”

Pretty rich coming from a dude who looks like he swallowed 25 ghost peppers and owns a time share deep beneath the Earth’s crust, but whatever.

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