Mike Pence forced reporters to watch ‘Hoosiers’ on Air Force Two

Vice President Mike Pence departed Thursday night for a “reassurance mission” in Australia, hoping to charm leaders after Donald Trump berated Australia’s prime minister in their first phone call. Trump left such a bad impression that the country is reevaluating its trade relationships and considering closer ties to China. Pence, perhaps nodding to the storybook comeback needed to convince Malcolm Turnbull that Trump’s not an idiot, spent the flight to Sydney screening the basketball movie “Hoosiers.”

Pence’s press secretary Marc Lotter announced the curatorial decision about an hour into the trip, while Air Force Two floated over the Australian outback. At Pence’s request, passengers would be required to watch what the veep considers the “greatest sports movie ever made,” Lotter said. Pence reportedly exhibited his personal DVD copy of the film, which Indianans carry at all times in their overalls.

It’s an unsurprising pick from Trump’s partner in crime. “Hoosiers” fetishizes rural white culture, lectures young people, and casts alcohol as the devil, just like Pence. Hopefully press pool reporters spent the flight drinking every time Gene Hackman yells at a teen.

Pence’s trip to Australia is believed to be the earliest ever by a vice president in a new administration. Joe Biden didn’t visit until 2016. Oh, the days when emergency couples counseling with long-time allies wasn’t necessary.

[photo: Getty]