Morris Day on Prince: ‘I just felt like he knew…something wasn’t right’

Morris Day, of the inimitable Morris Day and the Time, spent huge swaths of his illustrious career as frequent collaborator and foil to Prince, the immortally sensual rock god who passed away one year ago Friday. No one on Earth has copulated since that hollowed and horrible moment in time. On April 21st, 2017, Day released a new song called “Over That Rainbow” to commemorate the death of his “friend and brother, Prince Rogers Nelson,” and he’ll be on tour for the months of summer.

Day had a lot of trouble translating his grief into palatable, digestible music. His interview with Rolling Stone is sweet and wrenching, especially when Day talks explicitly about his feelings for his lost friend:

Did Snoop have a major influence on the new Time album?

Well, he does his thing on some tracks. When we decided to go into the [Doggy Style Records] studio, he was like, “Give me a little time and I promise you it will be a classic.” We were a couple months into the project when Prince passed away. So, we’d been working already and that’s when [“Over That Rainbow”] came. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to put my emotions on the line in a song like that.


I was in denial like a lot of people probably were. I had just been at Paisley Park like two months prior [because] Prince wanted us to come a party with him. … When I found out it was really him [that died] it didn’t really hit me. It took a while to sink in.

Day also told Rolling Stone of his last meeting with his late friend and the eerie feeling it gave him.

“Well, at the time, I thought nothing of it,” Day said, when asked about the last time they saw each other. “But in retrospect, I thought maybe something wasn’t right.”

After hearing of Prince’s passing, details about the meeting nagged at him.

I thought, he looked thin, even though he always looks fragile. After he passed away, I just wondered if he knew something that he wasn’t telling me. I just felt like he knew. Like he knew that something wasn’t right. Maybe he said it in just being adamant about seeing us again. Maybe that was a sign in itself.

Soon after, Prince passed away from an opioid overdose.

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