Ted Nugent and David Crosby are beefing

Gun nut and occasional musician Ted Nugent visited President Donald Trump at the White House with Kid Rock and Sarah Palin on Wednesday, because that’s the world we live in now and you’re just going to have to get used to sentences like that. As pictures of the event started circulating around social media the last few days, plenty of people had some less than thrilling things to say about the meeting.

Nugent, a vocal Trump supporter, has a history of what some might generously call politically incorrect statements, including his declaration at an NRA event in 2012 that he would “either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” if Barack Obama won reelection. That statement earned Nugent a visit from the Secret Service for fairly obvious reasons. So a few folks couldn’t help but find it a little weird to see that guy palling around with the next president.

Among those who had something to say was David Crosby, who was not kind to either Trump or Nugent on Twitter on Thursday.

“This picture says it all,” Crosby said of a photo of Nugent and Trump in the Oval Office. “The two most insincere smiles in history. What a pair of assholes.”

Nugent heard about that tweet, and hit back during an interview with WABC radio on Friday, blaming everything on pot for some strange reason.

“Well I’ve always been attacked, and, you know, the hate from the dopers out there,” Nugent said. “If you smoke enough dope, you just become overwhelmed with hate and ignorance.”

Marijuana isn’t exactly known for causing feelings of hate in its users, but apparently Nugent gets all his information about drugs from middle school DARE programs. Ted’s the one who’s claimed Jews are trying to take his guns away and that Obama and Hillary Clinton should be hanged for treason. If anybody could do with a good smoke session it’s Nugent.

“And I’ll never forget when Paul McCartney condemned me for murdering innocent animals because we eat venison,” Nugent went on. “And I just responded by saying, you know, I don’t really care what you eat, I’d just like to thank Paul McCartney for enriching our lives with his amazing music. And the same with David Crosby, he’s kind of a lost soul, and he’s done so much substance abuse throughout his life that his logic meter is gone, his reasoning and his…his depth of understanding is pretty much gone, so it doesn’t surprise me, I feel quite sad for the guy.”

It’s nice that he would thank Croz (and Paul McCartney, who is now somehow involved in this) for his contribution to music. You’d think maybe the two would be able to find some common ground considering they’re both gun owners. You would be extremely wrong, though.

“Nugent is a brainless twit,” Crosby wrote upon learning of Nugents radio interview. “I can out think him without even trying hard.”

It’s on.

[h/t SPIN | Photo: Getty]