Father John Misty video stars Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain, ‘King of the Cucks’

Wacky guy Father John Misty is up to his goofy tricks again in his new video for “Total Entertainment Forever” off his most recent album, “Pure Comedy.” It features Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain, and in the course of the video he gets flogged, nailed to a cross, and named “King of the Cucks,” which I guarantee you is the only reason we’re writing about it.

In the vid, a Viagra-popping George Washington plays a video game/watches a news broadcast (?) starring Misty as some sort of Captain Hook/Ronald McDonald mashup. At one point, Misty/Hook/McDonald gets punched in the face ala Richard Spencer by a protester holding signs featuring Cobain lyrics. Later on, Culkin/Cobain is crucified by two Hook/McDonald henchmen, alongside a saxophone-playing Bill Clinton and Jon from “Garfield.” The whole thing is about society.

Watch the video below.