Rex Tillerson pisses off entire continent of Africa after ditching meet with diplomat

As the nation’s top diplomat, part of Rex Tillerson’s job description is to make sure he doesn’t piss off other countries, yet he keeps on doing just that. Last week, Tillerson invited the chairman of the African Union to Washington for a meeting, then backed out at the last minute. And like anyone who had been convinced to come to D.C. only to be stood up, Africa is mad at the United States too, Foreign Policy reported Tuesday.

Tillerson had invited A.U. Commission chairman Moussa Faki to come to Washington last week after Faki finished up some meetings at the United Nations in New York City. Faki scheduled the trip for Wednesday and Thursday while waiting for the details of the meeting with the Secretary of State. Tillerson’s office then ghosted him, which made Faki and other diplomats from the 55-nation bloc frustrated Faki canceled his visit to D.C. entirely.

“African officials were incensed,” Reuben Brigety, a former U.S. ambassador to the A.U., told The Hill. “This is ridiculous, particularly at a time when Africans are increasingly becoming more and more aware of their choices in partners around the world.”

Brigety further characterized the screw up as “the dumbest thing in the world.”

Rex “Where is Jason Bourne?” Tillerson previously got some heat for curving the United Nations and missing meetings with a Russian ambassador and the Canadian prime minister, among other rookie mistakes. Trump certainly has kept his promise to create more jobs: the jobs are “new enemies of the United States we pissed off for no good reason.”

[photo: Getty]