Alex Jones loses primary custody of his children

Alex Jones custody battle came to a close late Thursday night as a Texas jury stripped the Infowars host of primary custody of his children, awarding joint custody to his ex-wife, Kelly. The decision came down in Travis County shortly before midnight after nine hours of deliberation.

The decision means that Kelly Jones will establish the three children’s primary residence, and her ex-husband will have visitation rights. As the verdict was read, the conspiracy theorist “watched with a stoic expression” and left shortly after without speaking to reporters, according to BuzzFeed News. Kelly dabbed her eyes with a tissue and briefly spoke to reporters.

“I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful support system, such a wonderful family and friends who stood beside me through all this, and I just pray that from what’s happened to my family that people can really understand what parental alienation syndrome is and get an awareness about it, ’cause we could stop this from happening in future,” she said.

While the trial proved to be somewhat of a circus, during which we learned Alex Jones’ memory suffers when he eats too much chili and/or tacos, that he bedded 150 women by the time he was 16, and has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, jurors told reporters that Infowars and politics had little or nothing to do with the decision. One juror said they all believed both Jones and his ex-wife were good parents, and they primarily were just thinking of what was in the best interest of the kids.

“That’s why it took us so long in there,” they said.

Clips from Jones’ show were not allowed to be shown in court — save one brief one purportedly of the host drunk and stripping off his shirt at the presidential inauguration — attorneys for his ex-wife attempted to characterize him as a “master manipulator” who had turned his children against their mother. “Mr. Jones is like a cult leader,” her attorney said. “And we’ve seen the horrific damage cult leaders do to their followers.”

Jones’ lawyers, meanwhile, sought to paint him as a performance artist when cameras are rolling, but turns into a calm, quiet family-man once he returns home. “I just want to be with the kids, swim in the pool, and eat hamburgers,” he said. Hamburgers and zebra steaks, to be specific.

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