Sebastian Gorka might be getting kicked out of the White House

In the wake of a BuzzFeed News story reporting that National Security Council member Sebastian Gorka (no way we’re calling you “Dr. Gorka,” pal) does nothing but drink coffee all day in between Fox News appearances because he doesn’t have security clearance, it’s rumored that the White House is considering shuffling Gorka off to another part of the administration. Several sources have told The Daily Beast that the administration is considering whether to farm out Gorka to another federal agency, with one senior member of the administration describing the move as imminent.

There are several reasons to get rid of Gorka, not limited to his ties to the Hungarian far right order of Nazi sympathizers Vitézi Rend, his credentials as a “counterterrorism expert” are flimsy at best, and his PhD isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Although the sources speaking to the Beast said that the push to sideline Gorka mainly has to do with his creepy Nazi sympathizer ties rather than, say, his fake-it-till-you-make-it approach to implementing nat sec policy.

From The Daily Beast:

Two senior administration officials described Gorka as completely devoid of influence on White House policy, corroborating reports that he “had not been cleared to sit in any sort of national security meetings, which leaves him without much to do all day,” as one former Obama administration official told BuzzFeed.

One source described the situation to The Daily Beast as “a pain in the ass.” Gorka, the source said, has been “biding his sweet time,” with virtually no official substantive duties and or role in White House decision-making.

Sources were quick to caution that due to conflicting factions within the White House, decisions have a tendency of reversing at the last minute, depending on whoever last whispered into the president’s ear. Right now, it appears as if Gorka is out the door, but that could change.

The only saving grace for the former Breitbart editor is that President Trump really gets a kick out of Gorka’s TV appearances. Otherwise, without the security clearance to attend meetings and the barrage of bad press about his sketchy past, there’s not much point in keeping this self-proclaimed “alpha male” around.

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