Watch the White House press corps laugh at Mike Cernovich to his face

Conservative conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich has now marked his first week with White House press credentials by making racist hand gestures in the briefing room and getting laughed at by members of the press corps. Cernovich tweeted video of his debut in the press room Monday, apparently believing it to be evidence of him owning the mainstream media. Unfortunately for him, it was actually a dreaded self-own.

It’s never a good sign when your video starts with the sounds of people laughing in your face. The saddest thing, though, is how Cernovich is largely ignored while he prattles on about “an-tee-fa.” One dude even asks who he is. And check out NBC correspondent Kristen Welker’s reaction:

That’s the look of someone who thinks a guy has broken into the press room and is about to pull a gun and ask where they’ve got all the child sex workers hiding in this pizzeria. Really can’t wait to see how Cernovich continues to clown on himself in future briefings.

[screen shot: @Cernovich]