Ivanka Trump had aspirations for a women-in-business podcast, but alas

Before Ivanka Trump became the leader of the free world via her father’s election, she had even bigger aspirations: To join the bloated, rotten market that is branded podcasting.

This little scooplet comes from a New York Times story out Tuesday covering the evolution of Ivanka’s White House agenda. The profile explains how the podcast was just the beginning of Ivanka’s plans to reinvent herself as a pro-woman corporate feminist:

Her company pitched a never-made podcast that would feature Ms. Trump as a chic business guru, interviewing success stories and business-feminism leaders like Ms. Sandberg and Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. The pitch described the supposed impact of the “Women Who Work” brand campaign: “the outdated caricature of a ‘working woman’ — frazzled, androgynous and entirely one-note — began to crack.”But Ms. Trump’s brand had not always lived up to its progressive image. Initially, former employees say, Ms. Trump had been reluctant to grant maternity leave, and she did not have a benefits package when she began hiring people to work for her.

According to the millennial pink investment deck, which looks like it was pulled together by an unpaid intern tweaking on espresso, “The #WomenWhoWork podcast would be a “powerful, inspiring evolution of the content we’re creating on IvankaTrump.com.” The guests would have included a blindingly white cast of women covering topics like “Refuse to sacrifice” and “Be obsessive.” Truly wisdom for the ages!

If you’re still wondering why exactly reporters at NYT thought this failed business plan was relevant to Ivanka’s dictator aspirations, look no further than slide six: “Ivanka will powerfully outline her key principles to (graciously) getting what you want — whether it’s a lower rent, a massive pay raise or a historic landmark on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

There you have it, folks. Women really can have it all if they are born to wealthy megalomaniacs!

Other highlights from this sadly lost to the world audio gem include at least five different opportunities for Ivanka to shill her clothing and jewelry, including gifting guests with Ivanka handbags in order to create “product stories” for its website.

It’s only a pity that this podcast never materialized. Joining the ranks of very feminist corporate leaders like Sheryl Sandberg would have been a perfect fit for Ivanka, who spent her whole father’s campaign pretending to care about women just to assist him in stripping them of workplace protections. Guess we’ll have to settle for her running the White House instead.

[photo: Getty]