Ex-Alex Jones staffer thinks ‘he voted for Obama to keep ratings going’

In the wake of Alex Jones’ custody trial, BuzzFeeed News published a profile on the Infowars host with interviews from a number of old employees of the show. The piece confirms that from the moment Jones stepped in front of a microphone as a teen, he’s put on the same ranting, emotional, captivating act with which we’re now well-familiar, exhibiting a consistency that suggests it’s all as earnest as it is performance.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the host’s 20 some years as a conspiracy theorist is his seemingly manic sense of anxiety, both about New World Order government plots, and more immediately, himself. On one of his first broadcasts, fresh out of high school, Jones reportedly burst into tears when a caller accused him of being a “soft, buttoned-up media type.” Jones yelled in response: “My name is Alexander Jones and I played football, man, and my parents are still married and I’m a damned American!”

Years later, after President Obama’s first-term had provided Infowars with some of its best ratings ever as an opposition voice, Jones was allegedly so worried what a Mitt Romney presidency might do to the show’s numbers, he considered, and possibly did, the unthinkable.

Via BuzzFeed:

“He just kept saying, ‘Oh my God, if Obama loses, we’re out of business,’” the employee said. “One of the guys in there asked, ‘You didn’t vote for Obama, did you?’ And Alex said nothing. Just a grimace. I don’t know what it meant.” A member of Jones’ staff during the 2012 election speculated that he would do anything for the sake of his show. “I personally think he voted for Obama to keep ratings going,” another former employee said. A third employee recalled Jones dropping hints that he was planning to cast his vote for Obama.

Whether or not Jones did vote for the man he’d later call a Satanic demon who smells like sulphur, luckily for the host, the Devil won, resulting in even higher ratings and bigger exposure for Infowars. It would ride that wave all the way to the 2016 election, when Jones and his listeners would help propel Donald Trump to the presidency. Unfortunately, since that success, as he once may have predicted, Jones’ success has taken a down turn. He’s spent the months since the inauguration retracting stories out of fear of litigation and fighting a losing battle for sole custody of his kids. Maybe he should’ve followed his earlier advice and voted for Hillary.

[screen shot: Infowars]