Nicki Minaj is helping a handful of fans pay their college tuition and student loans

A Twitter contest that was originally supposed to give Nicki Minaj fans a chance to hang out with the rapper at the Billboard Music Awards turned into a philanthropic endeavor when one fan casually asked Minaj to pay for their college tuition. Rather than ignore the request, Minaj asked for proof of “straight A’s” and agreed to pay. She then encouraged more fans to join the party.

Obviously the prospect of help with college tuition excited a ton of people who eagerly pounced on the opportunity.

Minaj even agreed to pay off some outstanding student loans and cover a few summer classes.

Not content to stop at tuition and loans, Minaj also agreed to help some people out with supplies and equipment.

After joking that all this generosity would leave her broke, she said she would do the whole thing again in a month or two.

Ideally, we wouldn’t need benevolent celebs to help kids pay for higher education, but as long as we’re stuck in this situation, might as well make the best of it.

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