Website helps you mail your ashes to Republicans who voted for AHCA

Let’s get something straight right from the start here. If the American Health Care Act were to become law as it is currently written, people are going to die as a result. They will either lose coverage completely or go bankrupt trying to hold onto it, and then they will die. Do not believe what Raul Labrador says. He is a liar.

Since we’re talking literal life and death here, a lot of people are concerned. One such person, Zoey Jordan Salsbury, decided to get proactive about the situation and created a website that will help you mail your ashes to a Republican should you lose your health insurance and kick the bucket as a result.

The idea behind is morbid and simple, but it gets a huge and important point across. Politicians who vote for this bill are voting to kill people. While it would be ideal if everyone just didn’t die for totally unnecessary reasons, should the worst come to pass, showing those responsible the actual physical toll of their actions might at least give them a few sleepless nights sometime in the future.

But, if you don’t want to actually send your ashes, you can still fill out a form explaining why the AHCA will kill you. Your response will then show up on the “Reasons Why We Will Die” page.

While the website has been up an running for a few days now, Salsbury still has to work a few of the kinks out.

“I have the feeling the Capitol building would actually stop [the ashes],” what with it being a powder and all, she told the Washington Post. She did say that she would work with an estate planner to figure out how to get it done, though.

In the meantime, since the bill still has to get through the Senate, the website also helps people get in touch with their Senators. Not dying is the ultimate goal here, so if it means depriving us of the opportunity to send our remains to some assholes in Washington, I think most people would take that trade. In addition, the site links to ActBlue’s Swing Left campaign, which is looking to unseat GOP congress members in swing districts.

Call your Senators and show up to those town halls, folks.

[h/t WaPo | Photo: Getty]