Nazi Sebastian Gorka coins new category of fake news: ‘Very fake news’

At The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York on Sunday, Sebastian Gorka defended himself from reports that he harbored anti-Semitic sentiments and that his days in the White House are numbered. Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, called these allegations “very fake news.” Well, in that case, my dude, we’re very sorry.

From the transcript:

“I have spent my life fighting against totalitarian regimes, and so has my father. For me, jihadis are linked to fascists because they are totalitarians — and that is why I am proud to work for this administration.”

Gorka’s father, you’ll remember, was a member of the far-right Hungarian nationalist group Vetézi Rend, which allied with the Nazis during WWII. Gorka still wears a medal and signs his name with a symbol commemorating the group’s modern descendants, who claim Gorka as a member. He also has explicitly supported the Hungarian neo-Nazi party Jokkib’s right to form an independent militia.

At the conference, Gorka said he was staunchly “pro-Israel” and leaned hard into his hatred for Muslim cultures, grouping together Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic State as one uniform boogieman. “They all feed from the same genetic code. What is that genetic code? The jihadi ideology of the brotherhood,” Gorka told the crowd. “We know that they share the same goal, and their goal is against what we represent.” He continued: “[Trump] understands the threat, and he will obliterate it.”

Gorka also praised the administration’s bombing in Afghanistan and airstrikes in Syria, which he claimed were “not about Afghanistan and not about Syria,” but instead “about a return of American leadership.”

Apparently the crowd bought the act. Gorka left the stage to a partial standing ovation, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The Daily Beast previously reported that pimpled pear Steve Bannon “personally intervened” to save Gorka’s ability to drink coffee in the White House after the administration failed to pawn him off on another federal agency.

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