Female UFC fighters latest victims in nude photo hack

UFC fighters Raquel Pennington, Tecia Torres, Jessamyn Duke and Angela Magana are the latest women targeted in the so-called “Fappening 2.0″ nude photo hack. The stolen photos range from revealing bathroom selfies to intimate photos taken by other people that weren’t meant to be seen by anyone else, let alone distributed on the internet.

Magana addressed the hack on Twitter where she confirmed that she’s working with the FBI to determine who stole her pictures.

Pennington and Torres are dating, so it hasn’t been determined if the photos were stolen from one of the women or both of them.

Recent “Happening 2.0″ victims include Demi Lovato, Emma Watson, and Amanda Seyfried. Other athletes targeted include WWE stars Paige and Charlotte Flair.

Ryan Collins, the hacker behind the 2014 “Fappening,” bought himself an 18-month prison bid after he was nabbed. Whoever is behind the latest hack can look forward to jail time and the ire of women who can easily kick their ass.

[Photo: Getty]