Nixon Library offended by people comparing Trump to Watergate

After Donald Trump abruptly dismissed FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday night, several members of Congress compared the move to Washington’s last great political scandal, Watergate. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum was not amused.

“FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI,” the library tweeted.

Nixon did fire Archibald Cox, the independent special prosecutor assigned to investigate allegations of misconduct by Nixon’s administration. In response to the blatant obstruction of justice, Nixon’s attorney general and deputy attorney general resigned in protest.

In this case, Trump’s top Justice Department officials engineered the firing of the man tasked with investigating the president. In other words, Trump makes the Nixon administration look noble.

Bob Casey, Patrick Leahy, Michael Capuano, and Brad Sherman have not yet apologized for tarnishing Watergate’s legacy.

UPDATE, 9:40 p.m.: The Richard Nixon Presidential Library apologized Tuesday night for its characterization of Nixon’s decision not to fire then-FBI Director L. Patrick Gray. That fact is not “fun,” the library clarified in a tweet.

[photo: Getty]