Scientists name new dinosaur after ‘Ghostbusters’ bad guy

Half the fun of discovering or inventing something is getting to name it, and while lots of conceited jerks in the past have just stuck their own last names on their scientific contributions, scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum had a much better idea for a newly-discovered dinosaur.

After unearthing the 75-million-year-old bones of a previously unknown ankylosaur — a four-legged armored dinosaur with horns and a clubbed tail — the scientists decided to name their find after one of the creatures from “Ghostbusters.” Behold: Zuul crurivastator.

Look, they even got Dan Akroyd to come talk about it!

The scientists who discovered the remarkably intact fossil decided the long-dead dino looked similar to inter-dimensional creature Zuul’s quadrupedal form. Obviously, it bears little resemblance to Sigourney Weaver. Not that it matters now, but Z. crurivastator was way kinder than its namesake or appearance would suggest, feeding on plants in what is now Montana.

Whether or not Zuul’s discovery heralds the coming of Gozer the Gozerian remains to be seen. Just to be safe, let’s assume we’re all gonna die. I’d rather be murdered by a giant marshmallow man than be incinerated in a nuclear apocalypse anyway.

For now, let’s just enjoy Zuul’s counterpart Vinz Clortho attacking Rick Moranis.

[h/t LA Times | Screenshot: Columbia Pictures]