On Facebook, FBI employees are acting like James Comey died

Despite the White House’s attempts to slander ousted James Comey’s reputation within the bureau, FBI employees have made clear they found their old boss pretty cool. One way they’re expressing support is by changing their profile pictures on Facebook. Yes, even spies are slacktivists.

The Daily Beast reported Tuesday that “at least a dozen agents” posted pictures on Facebook of themselves with Comey. Some made the photos their profile picture, a tradition that bureau employees normally reserve for colleagues who die in the line of duty.

“Everyone feels like there has been a death in the family,” one counterterrorism agent told The Daily Beast. “We’re basically sitting shiva,” another agent said.

The online reaction seems to contradict the administration’s claim that “countless” FBI employees wanted Comey fired. One law enforcement source told CBS News this assertion was a “load of crap.” Soon-to-be-former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe confirmed as much in Senate testimony on Thursday. “Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day,” McCabe said.

Comey is survived by his wife Patrice Failor and their five children.

[The Daily Beast | photo: Getty]