Palestine: Actually Trump’s cluelessness is good

Donald Trump hasn’t offered much reason to believe he’ll bring peace to Israel and Palestine. Between the president’s top Israel adviser earning the job by surprise, allegedly human son-in-law Jared Kushner taking diplomatic lead despite zero qualifications, and Trump’s own mind-numbing belief that the conflict is “maybe not as difficult as people have thought,” it’s safe to say POTUS doesn’t really have a plan. But according to Husam Zomlot, Palestine’s ambassador to Washington, that may be OK.

At an event Monday hosted by the Arab Center, Zomlot explained why Trump’s ignorance about Israel and Palestine could work in Palestine’s favor. “We have had so many plans, and it didn’t work,” Zomlot said. “So perhaps if we start without a plan, it might work.”

It’s a sharp critique. Previous administrations, despite hopeful rhetoric, have been so invested in protecting Israel’s status quo that the current White House’s inane rhetoric is soothing by comparison.

Zomlot continued, via Washington Post:

“[Plans] were a major reason why we failed, because they had a habit of framing the agenda that was exactly in the opposite agenda of peace, an agenda that wanted to create and build and sustain a process that was designed to prevent the outcome,” said Zomlot. “So I’m even happier that we don’t have a plan.”

For what it’s worth, Trump’s plan seems to be slowly coming into focus. On Friday, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster expressed a desire for Palestinian “self-determination.” POTUS is scheduled to visit Israel May 22 and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem on May 23.

Trump previously said he has no preference for a one-state versus a two-state solution, but is “very happy with the one that both parties like.” It’s a wonder no president thought of that option before.

[photo: Getty]