Trump got cucked into a meeting with Russia’s foreign minister by Putin

Donald Trump backed himself into a corner when Vladimir Putin came calling about Sergey Lavrov’s impending visit to America eight days before the Russian foreign minister touched down. Putin reportedly requested a meeting between the president and Lavrov, stating he had “new ideas” regarding the Syrian civil war.

Trump was game, albeit unaware that Lavrov’s itinerary had been changed at the last minute to accommodate the trip to DC. He was initially headed to Fairbanks, Alaska for an Arctic Council meeting with Rex Tillerson, but made a stop at the White House first. As you’ll recall, the secretary of state had already ventured to Russia and met with Putin, so it’d presumably be rude for Trump to deny Lavrov the same one-on-one session.

The Donald went way above and beyond the call of duty to show Lavrov and ambassador Sergey Kislyak a good time, reportedly disclosing classified information that’s now put the life of an Israeli spy who infiltrated ISIS at risk. For a man who can barely remember Paul Ryan’s name, much less how he acquired the crucial intel, it’s a miracle dude could accurately recall any information at all.

Trump’s meeting with the Sergeys was a pretty big slap in the face to those opposed to Russia’s policies. He laughed and smiled, posing for photos snapped by Russian state news agency Tass all the while keeping the meeting closed to the press pool. For what it’s worth, Syria was discussed during the meeting, along with Ukraine. I’m sure it was a laugh riot.

[Washington Post | Photo: Getty]

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