Trump considers ‘scaling back’ Sean Spicer’s role in White House

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Sean Spicer could very well be the most incompetent press secretary in the history of the White House — and we kind of love him for it. Sure, he seems like a guy who was taking a public tour of the joint, somehow stumbled behind the press room podium, and just stayed there. And his facial expressions indicate that he hasn’t taken a shit since December. But the man did hide in some bushes to evade the press, and for that he deserves, well, something. But it won’t be a promotion.

Rumors have been flying since February that the bungling press secretary might be on deck for the Trump chopping block, but Thursday morning Politico reported that it has it on good authority that Spicy’s time in the spotlight is about to end, or at least be severely downgraded:

President Donald Trump is considering scaling back White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s public role, according to several officials familiar with the president’s thinking, as Trump also weighs a broader shakeup of his communications shop in the wake of several scandals.

The press secretary, who has turned into a household name over the past five months and garnered sky-high television ratings for his daily press briefings, has also drawn the ire of the president. He is no longer expected to do a daily, on-camera briefing after Trump’s foreign trip, the officials said.

The briefings have become one of the most dreaded parts of the president’s day, and Trump has told allies and aides he doesn’t want Spicer, who has developed a belligerent persona from behind the podium, publicly defending and explaining the message anymore, officials added.

Putting aside the fact that Trump would never know what “belligerent” looks like (let alone how to spell or pronounce it), and that he has a history of hating it when people get more attention than he does, the ever-blameful POTUS has been complaining about his communications team for months. Back in February, he told “Fox & Friends” that while he’d give himself an A+ for effort, “In terms of messaging, I would give myself a ‘C’ or a ‘C-plus. My messaging isn’t good.”

White House insiders told Politico that while Spicer will maintain a senior position within the White House, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of Sarah Huckabee Sanders standing at the podium — if Trump doesn’t do away with daily news briefings altogether.

As for Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle stepping into Spicy’s probably very sweaty shoes? Trump is apparently pissed about those claims, and White House officials have dubbed it fake news.

 Spicer, unfortunately, declined to comment.

[Photo: AP]