House may have to vote on AHCA again

Two weeks after just barely squeaking the American Health Care Act through the House and then partying on the White House lawn, Paul Ryan still hasn’t bothered sending the bill to the Senate and may try to make further changes to the bill, necessitating another vote. Great work!

The issue is with the still-unreleased CBO score — that thing a bunch of GOP representatives said wouldn’t change that much so it didn’t really matter that they didn’t have it before the vote. It’s possible that the last-second amendments which helped the AHCA pass in the first place could end up costing hundreds of billions of dollars. If the new score shows the bill won’t meet the rules for Senate reconciliation, House Republicans may start rewriting parts of the AHCA once again, Bloomberg reports. Rewriting the bill would then necessitate yet another vote before it could move along to the Senate.

It’s almost like they should have waited for that updated CBO score.

Several representatives didn’t even know Ryan was still sitting on the bill. California Rep. Jeff Denham told Bloomberg he was “unaware” the AHCA hadn’t been handed over to the Senate.

“I am on the whip team and we have a lot of conversations, but we have not had that one,” Denham said, which would imply other members of the whip team were also left in the dark. Members like Dennis Ross, who said he “had no idea” Ryan was holding onto the bill.

Ross also said another vote “does concern” him, which is understandable considering the AHCA is wildly unpopular and having to vote on it again would open him and every other House member up to yet another wave of angry phone calls, emails, letters and in-person heckling. Consider voting no next time, pal.

Boy that Paul Ryan sure has a firm grasp on policy and procedure, huh?

[Bloomberg | Photo: Getty]