Nunes still reviewing Russia intelligence after recusing himself from Russia investigation

Devin Nunes recused himself in April from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Trump-Russia after he publicly blabbed classified intelligence fed to him by the White House. Yet like a bug to a pile of a shit, Nunes can’t stay away. The committee chairman visited the CIA to review Russia intelligence just last week, CNN’s Tom LoBianco reported Thursday.

Nunes, the former owner of a problematic mullet, seems to be asserting his right as a member of the so-called “Gang of Eight,” a select group of House and Senate members who receive briefings on classified intelligence from the executive branch. While Nunes passed the Russiagate probe to his fellow Intelligence Committee members, the argument could (but shouldn’t) be made that maintaining knowledge of the situation counts under his responsibilities as gang member and committee chair.

CNN reports, however, that Nunes’s renewed involvement has angered those who opposed his bumbling attempts to protect Trump in the first place. LoBianco writes that Democrats are “grumbling that he has violated the spirit of his recusal.” Adam Schiff, the ranking Dem on the House Intelligence Committee, declined to comment, but another Democratic member of the committee, Mike Quigley, offered a sad explanation: “He recused himself, so he can set those limits.”

When asked Thursday why he was still reviewing intelligence related to a probe from which he removed himself, Nunes said, “I don’t talk about intelligence.”

Talking about intelligence is the entire reason Nunes ended up in this situation. Maybe he just forgot?

[photo: Getty]