Trump huddles with lawyers as Russia investigation moves forward

Donald Trump met with a group of lawyers on Thursday to go over how to deal with the ongoing Russia investigation. The meeting came just one day after a special counsel was appointed to head the investigation.

Thursday’s gathering was a planning and strategy meeting, basically going over what Trump’s legal team thinks is going to happen in the future with the investigation and how they should handle it, Politico reports. It appears they went over basic stuff like “don’t say anything stupid” and “hey, you know you can’t just shred memos and delete emails, right?” They also looked at ways to mitigate Trump’s habit of saying the exact wrong thing.

One objective: to keep Trump from hurting himself any further. Two senior administration officials said they believed Trump’s letter firing Comey was a mistake in specifically saying Comey had told him on three occasions that he wasn’t under investigation. These people said that likely further provoked Comey.

To “keep Trump from hurting himself any further,” you’d have to basically lock him in a windowless room with no internet access. You would then also have to convince Trump that Michael Flynn is dead so that he stops trying to headbutt his way through the walls in order to talk to him.

The New York Times reported earlier on Thursday that Trump’s advisers had been pushing him to hire outside counsel — even before Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel for the Russia investigation — rather than only rely on the White House counsel and his established legal team. While Trump seems open to the idea, it’s not clear when he would get around to actually bringing on some added legal help, considering he’s about to embark on his first overseas trip as president.

In the meantime, Trump can always rely on the expert legal advice of his personal attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen was in attendance at Thursday’s meeting and has never been to Prague in his life.

White House staffers have also come to the realization that it may be in their best interest to hire their own lawyers as well. While The Times simply stated some staffers were considering the possibility, one lawyer told Politico a few aides have already contacted his firm about representation.

[Politico | Photo: Getty]