Saudi Arabia to make sure Trump has access to the kid’s menu

Earlier this week, a source familiar with the trip planning for President Trump’s nine-day trip abroad characterized the actions of those attending the NATO summit in Brussels as if “they’re preparing to deal with a child.” Now, it seems, the individuals responsible for POTUS’s visit to Saudi Arabia are following suit.

The Associated Press reports that, upon the U.S. delegation’s arrival, the kingdom plans to serve heaping portions of lamb and rice. But they’ll also include steak with ketchup on the menu, a dish which the president has frequently enjoyed, and it’s likely also the closest thing to President Good Boy’s favorite meat loaf that their kitchen could scrape together.

Trump’s team, of course, is worried about more than the food situation. They’re scrambling to build downtime into each day so that POTUS doesn’t become overwhelmed by such nearly insurmountable obstacles as food he doesn’t usually eat, meetings, and people that are angry with him.

A pair of officials told the AP “they feared that a difficult trip might even lead the president to hand off future traveling duties to Vice President Mike Pence.” Which would present its own problems because Chili’s only has locations in 35 of the world’s 196 countries.

The AP notes that Trump’s itinerary “hardly eases him into the delicate world of international diplomacy” which, sure, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican are probably not the easiest places to visit when you’re the president. But, you know, it might’ve helped if Trump had any experience with international diplomacy whatsoever before taking the job.

Trump is also the first president since Jimmy Carter to not take a foreign trip in his first 100 days. Which might’ve been a good idea if he needed to be eased into the exercise. Maybe even just to Hawaii, which his attorney general has dismissed as “an island in the Pacific,” as a dry run.



[photo: AP]