Joe Biden says he ‘may very well run’ for president in 2020

Whether you were on Team Hillary or feeling the Bern during the 2016 presidential election (we’re going to assume those were the only choices), in the six months since Donald Trump claimed the White House for himself you’ve probably found yourself thinking: If only Joe Biden had run! Surely, the beloved former VP could’ve wiped Trump right off the ticket, taking that rapey, smug smile with it — and Biden wouldn’t have needed any help from Russian hackers to do it. Well, Ol’ Joe’s been thinking the same thing and may try to right that wrong.

While speaking at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas on Thursday night, Newsweek reports that Biden did confess he’s toying with the idea of a 2020 presidential run. Though he hasn’t confirmed his candidacy, he did disclose that he “may very well” take a run at the Oval Office — which could put a swift end to the current orangey nightmare that has engulfed our nation’s capital:

“I never thought [Hillary Clinton] was the correct candidate,” Biden [said]. “I thought I was the correct candidate.”

Biden has been vaguely intimating regrets about not opposing Clinton since he formally announced he would not be entering the race in October of 2015. His comments Thursday night mark his harshest criticism of Clinton’s candidacy to date, as well as the most concrete indication that he may run in 2020, when he will be 74 years old.

Biden expressed interest in running in 2016, and on several occasions has said that he thinks he would have beaten Trump if he did decide to run. He ultimately chose to abstain because his son Beau died of cancer in May of 2015, and the family was still grieving.

If Trump somehow manages to make it through the end of his term (please God, no) and actually has the balls to run again, Biden’s chances for beating him would be good. On Tuesday, Public Policy Polling released the results of a recent survey that said Biden would have a better chance of beating Trump than any other Democrat:

In a hypothetical matchup, the poll found that Biden would defeat Trump by 14 percentage points, 54-40. Not far behind was Bernie Sanders, whom the poll found would beat Trump by 13 percentage points, 52-39. Sanders, however, is currently 75 years old, and would be 79 in 2020. Donald Trump in January became the oldest president to assume office at the age of 70.

If Biden is shopping for slogan ideas, we like the sound of Make America Sane Again.

[Photo: AP]

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