Judge requires Anthony Weiner to register as sex offender

Friday morning, the Associated Press confirmed that Anthony Weiner had pled guilty to charges of transferring obscene material to a minor as part of a plea deal with Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney’s Office. Weiner also, per court order, must register as a sex offender. He also agreed to not file for an appeal of any sentencing that would land him anywhere between 21 and 27 months in prison.

The charge could technically call for a sentence up to 10 years.

The court hearing was an emotional episode for a teary-eyed Weiner, according to WSJ’s white-collar crime investigative reporter Erica Orden, who was in attendance.  “I knew this was a morally wrong as it was unlawful,” Weiner told the court. “This fall, I came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness.”

The 52-year-old turned himself into the FBI, The New York Times reported earlier Friday morning, after agreeing to the plea deal regarding the charges related to his sexting a 15-year-old girl in 2016. That’s when Weiner managed to stick his dick into the Hillary Clinton email scandal after James Comey “learned of the existence” of new emails that were found on Weiner’s laptop in a separate investigation.

That investigation was looking into whether Weiner had been sexting with a 15-year-old about how he “would bust that tight pussy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.”

It’s also worth noting that he likely lifted that entire line from “Bad Santa.”

The last we’d heard from Weiner was back in January, when Page Six learned the former congressman had finished his stint at sex rehab and was living at his mother’s apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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