Debate prep video shows Hillary Clinton running away from a Trump hug

Amid news that ousted FBI director James Comey was “disgusted” when President Trump tried to hug him during a White House event honoring law enforcement earlier this year, Hillary Clinton campaign adviser and longtime consultant Philippe Reines shared footage of the time he tried to hug the Democratic nominee while pretending to be Trump in their mock-debate prep.

In debate prep footage recorded in September, Reines played the role of Trump as the handsy creep going in for the hug when the two candidates traditionally would shake hands. Clinton dodges the hug and Reines chases her around and tries to maul her like a hungry bear. Interestingly enough, Reines portrayed Trump as grabby prior to the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Clinton and Reines taking a moment to laugh and enjoy themselves, instead of, say, campaigning in Wisconsin. But, hey, at least they had a moment of fun before a devastating loss.

[screen shot: @PhillipeReines]