Karen Pence danced with another man while Mike Pence watched like a cuck

Mike and Karen Pence visited Billings, Montana, Thursday night to stump for Greg Gianforte as part of the vice president’s support of Republican congressional candidates ahead of the 2018 midterms. Also in attendance was big swinging dick Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, a former Navy SEAL, and an actual cowboy. Here’s the Montana native on his first day of work, riding a horse, complete with one of those hats and everything.

This guy is a real alpha, is what I’m saying. And right after Pence finished speaking at Gianforte’s campaign event Thursday, the vice president was forced to stand by and helplessly watch while Zinke tossed his wife around like she was one of her husband’s Barbie dolls.

Yikes. That’s gotta be rough for the veep. This is a guy who won’t dine alone with another woman or go to parties serving alcohol if his wife isn’t there. He calls her “Mother” for chrissakes, and here she is dancing it up with a bonafide buffalo wrangler who’s got at least a foot and probably 50 pounds of muscle on him. A real true grit type.

This isn’t some normal dancing, either. Zinke’s picking mommy up and throwing her around those big, muscular thighs of his with a strength Mikeyboy knows she won’t soon forget. Look at her face when it’s all over.


That’s the look of a woman who’s just felt the touch of a real man for the first time in her life. Well, maybe the second.

[screen shot: The Clem Report]