Shaq attacks pick-up basketball game at local gym

Shaq, in his majesty, used the seemingly divine authority over the game of basketball to dunk on some schmucks playing a pick-up game of basketball at some random gym out there in the world.

Any team who needs a big man, 100 million for 3 years #taxfree #notanoffensivefoul @albenz11 @reebokclassics #rebokclassics

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In a post on Instagram, Shaq shared the footage of his utter destruction of a few guys who were probably just trying to burn off some steam after work. Though I would be in awe if Steel himself showed up in my life to do anything, whether that be beating me at basketball, giving my mom the loving partner she deserves, or even shooting me for no other reason than the thrill of the kill.

Shaq posted the video as evidence for why he would be worth $100 million for a three year contract. Though he doesn’t specify that he’s looking to join back up with the NBA, so if you happen to have the cash to retain a god who walks the earth for your hobby team, give him a call.

We don’t have his phone number, but screaming “Kazaam!” loudly enough into the ether should summon him.

[screenshot: Instagram]