Mike Pence could not be happier watching Trump leave the country

On Friday afternoon, President Trump departed on his first overseas trip and no one is happier that he’s gone than Vice President Pence. Look at that smiling motherfucker cross his arms in quiet contentment as his bumbling boss climbs into Executive One and gets airlifted off of White House grounds. While Trump, the wife who hates him, and the exhausted and traumatized aides who do nothing but put out his fires, embark on a 14-hour flight to Riyadh.

Here’s video of Pence seeing the first couple off with the anxious restraint of a high school kid counting on his parents to drive off before the keg delivery shows up.

Pence has good reason to be glad he’s not stuck with 70-year-old toddler in Air Force One for an international flight. For starters, he’s not locked in a metal tube with a man undoubtedly screaming at his staff over a story that just broke on how the president bragged to Russian envoys about firing the guy who was investigating his relationship to Russia. He also doesn’t have to hear Trump throw a tantrum over a Washington Post report that the Russia probe identified a senior White House aide as a person of interest.

Now that the VP is left to his own devices for the next nine days, he’s free to stand in front of the mirror and practice responding to being called “President Pence” with the requisite amount of graciousness and humility. The unsettling developments in the Russia probe don’t bode well for the longevity of a Trump presidency and Pence, to his credit, has done a remarkable job thus far keeping his nose clean. That is, despite heading a transition team whose members were aware of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s sketchy ties to Russia and his work as a Turkish foreign agent.

According to NBC News, an unnamed White House spokesperson said that Pence was unaware of the laundry list of infractions that made Flynn unfit to be nat sec adviser. Then, so goes the rest of the story about Flynn getting fired for “lying” to Pence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador on the day Obama imposed sanctions on the adversarial nation.

More from NBC News:

“You never saw him promoting Flynn,” the source asserted.

The source said there is concern about what the source called “a pattern” of keeping the vice president distant from information about possible Flynn wrongdoings.

“There’s a pattern as it relates to the Flynn situation — vis a vis Pence — that he was never, either intentionally or unintentionally, made aware of the facts,” the source close to the administration said.

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering if that source was Pence himself.

[Photo: AP]