Donald and Melania Trump fail at pretending to hold hands

Donald and Melania Trump were married in 2005 and it’s been a perpetual honeymoon ever since.

Okay, they hate each other. We know they hate each other. We definitely know Melania hates her husband and has been waiting for him to die so she can fuck a personal trainer on top of a pile of money. Still, we enjoy watching the president and the first lady halfheartedly pretend to be affectionate with each when they are in front of the cameras.

This video President Trump and Melania make brief attempts at handholds while saying their goodbyes before embarking on a 14-hour flight to Riyadh.

Let’s take a look at a still shot of the president and the first lady presenting a united front to the press pool.


Let’s zoom in on that handhold.


Way to project a warm and intimate connection, guys.

In fairness, holding hands has never been the couple’s strong suit. Check out this botched handhold from the weekend of the inauguration.

Perhaps Melania will warm up to her husband once she actually lives in the same city with him as their 10-year-old son’s school year is coming to a close.

Or maybe she’ll just collapse in on herself like a spiritual black hole.

[Photo: AP]