Trump-Russia probe is investigating a White House cover-up

Fresh off the Washington Post bombshell that the federal investigation into the Trump campaign implicates one of the president’s senior advisers, McClatchy reports that the probe is also examining whether White House officials engaged in a cover-up. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein revealed this to members of Congress during a briefing on Friday.

This is the first Justice Department confirmation that the probe is pursuing allegations of obstruction of justice, in addition to Russian election interference, and Trump campaign collusion. It comes just hours after press secretary Sean Spicer admitted Trump fired James Comey for reasons related to the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s team.

Rosenstein, who briefed the Senate on Thursday, didn’t reveal much more to House members, but he did reconfirm that POTUS planned to fire Comey before asking him to write a so-called “recommendation” letter. According to Rep. Ruben Gallego, Rosenstein declined representatives’ questions and directed them to special counsel Robert Mueller.

If it’s any indication that Republicans are slowly accepting the possibility that Trump and his advisers fucked with the election and tried to suppress accountability, Rosenstein’s briefing was reportedly met with cheers, confirming we’re all just a studio audience to a fake billionaire’s idiocy parade.

“Everybody applauded,” Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver said. “Well, almost everybody. Let’s say 95 percent applauded. Still, two weeks ago, that would not have happened.”

Good to know Congress is enjoying the show.

[McClatchy | photo: Getty]