Russian double agent calls Kushner a Russian agent

Amid reports that White House chief innovator Jared Kushner snuck around with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the campaign and transition, demands for a Senate investigation into his family company’s visa-dangling foreign investment pitches, and leaks that Donald Trump has started shitting on Jared during meetings, the president’s son-in-law must be having a stressful holiday weekend. Hopefully making things worse, the golden boy must now fend off accusations that he’s a Russian spy.

Naveed Jamali, a former FBI double agent who spied for the Russians, submitted the possibility Monday morning on MSNBC. Jamali argued that communication back channels, like the one Kushner attempted to establish with Moscow in December, are normal, but the way Kushner conducted himself is suspicious.

“As an intelligence officer, we look for indications and warnings, and you look for patterns,” Jamali said. “This is a clear pattern that’s emerging. It’s a pattern that shows a consistent effort to deceive. When you have that, there’s only one conclusion you can draw, again from an intelligence standpoint, that this man was either a Russian agent — either aspiring to be a Russian agent, or was in fact a Russian agent.”


Pressed on whether he seriously believes Kushner is a Kremlin plant, Jamali responded, “Absolutely.”

It’s not the craziest accusation. Kushner might not be a full-fledged spy — he’s certainly not suave enough — but if he received money from Russia, then worked with Trump’s ousted nat sec adviser Michael Flynn to push favorable Russian policy, that qualifies him as a foreign agent.

Personally, I’m rooting for the possibility that Jared is spying on the White House for a quick check. May we all dupe our in-laws with such vigor.

[h/t: @kylegriffin1 | photo: Getty]