Spicer cuts off briefing after being asked if reports he’s being fired are ‘fake news’

Sean Spicer’s first (and very possibly last) appearance before the White House press corps since returning from the president’s overseas visit was a characteristically combative performance. The press secretary kicked off the briefing with a replay of his very first go at the podium, channeling his inner North Korea to assert that Trump’s European vacation was a resounding, historic success, applauded by all the world’s leaders, who all wanted to be the president’s new BFF.

Then came the questions. Spicer came prepared to deflect questions about Angela Merkel’s statement that Europeans could no longer rely on the U.S., saying that her relationship with Trump was “fairly unbelievable” — an interesting choice of words to say the least. He also pushed back on reports about Jared Kushner’s efforts to establish a back channel with Russian diplomats as a citizen, criticizing that reporters took leaks from anonymous sources as fact, just hours after the president himself retweeted a story that took leaks from anonymous sources as fact.


After he got into a back and forth about what constitutes fake news versus errors that are later corrected, someone asked Spicer whether reports his ass was getting canned fell into the former or latter category, and he abruptly ended the briefing.

I guess if he’s gonna go out, might as well on his own terms.

[screen shot: CSPAN]

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