Two camels in Dubai halted traffic after deciding to fuck in the middle of the road

If you ever played “I Spy” in the car as a kid, you know that a road trip can offer all sorts of visual distractions. I spy an old tire. I spy a man pissing in the woods. I spy… two camels getting their hump on. (So many hump jokes, so little time.)

Yep, if you happened to be driving between Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah on Wednesday, you may have noticed a lot of red brake lights in front of you. And whole lot of lovemaking happening on the side of road, where two camels gave no fucks about being caught — and videotaped — in flagrante delicto. The guttural noises alone would be enough to stop traffic, yet drivers couldn’t seem to look away. Many were honking — whether as a way to interrupt the intimate moment or in solidarity with the brazen bout of nooky, we’re not sure. We’re all for doing it when the moment strikes you but, come on — some of us have places to be.

Get a room, you two!

[h/t The Daily Dot]

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