George Bush Speaks

It’s two weeks before midterm elections. Do you know where your ex-president is?

George Bush Speaks

Do you miss him yet? If the highway billboards apply to you, you’re in luck—George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points is due out November 9. And recently the book’s publisher, Random House, released a video—an e-card, if you will—from the former president giving a synopsis of the book.

If this reminds you of the book report segment from “Reading Rainbow,” you are not crazy.

After the last two years of policy compromises and bitter disappointments from Barack Obama, It’s downright refreshing to see that W. still hasn’t got the hang of reading basic prepared remarks off of cue cards. It’s actually amazing that he made it through eight years as president without picking up this skill—you’d think at some point you’d just learn it by rote.

At any rate, as the adage goes, time heals all wounds. Despite leaving office with the lowest approval rating in history, it seems that large swaths of the population do, in fact, miss him. There are only a few comments on the YouTube page, and they’re all remarkably adoring, from sentiments like, “Sir, you are still my president,” to the simple “please come back.”

Love him or hate him, on November 9, W. returns.