President Snowflake could be violating the First Amendment by blocking people on Twitter

Donald Trump and Twitter go together like PCP and a shirtless man at a bus stop gyrating on an abandoned shopping cart. They’re matches made in heaven, yet the social media platform isn’t exactly the ideal partner for Trump, who’s taken to blocking the “haters and losers” with wild abandon. That may have worked well back when the Donald was beefing with Rosie O’Donnell and hosting “The Apprentice” but it’s not exactly the best look for a sitting president.

The Knight Institute at Columbia University contends it’s actually a violation of First Amendment rights. It’s brought a lawsuit on behalf of two Twitter users blocked by Trump for the below @-replies.

Triggering, isn’t it.

Knight Institute executive director Jameel Jaffer released a statement essentially calling Twitter a public platform — one that should be open to every American no matter how dank their political memes are. “Having opened this forum to all comers, the president can’t exclude people from it merely because he dislikes what they’re saying,” the statement concluded.

Twitter refuses to release hard data on how many people Trump has blocked. The Knight Institute believes that number is pretty high on his @RealDonaldTrump account, which frequently tweets inflammatory shit but also gave us Covfefe. The blocks are probably fewer and far between on the @POTUS account, but that handle feels more like a formality than a real window into Trump’s Big Mac-corroded soul.

Nothing seems to be able to stop Trump from tweeting. A mandate to unblock every dissenter might be what melts this precious snowflake. Damaged and without a safe space, it’s enough to make a president finally delete his account once and for all.

[LA Times | Photo: Getty]