Brian Williams source: ‘Not sure the president knew there were Americans stationed in Qatar’

Donald Trump’s tweets on Tuesday taking credit for four Arab nations cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar bewildered many top government officials, including the Pentagon spokesman, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Qatar’s ambassador to Washington. One reason the president’s newfound belief that a Qatar blackout could “be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism” was so surprising is that Qatar is host to the largest American military base in the Middle East. According to an MSNBC source familiar with Trump’s thinking, it’s unclear whether #45 knew this pertinent fact.

Brian Williams raised the concern Thursday morning after NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell recapped an off-camera Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefing that touched on the Qatar crisis. “I would love to know what the president’s dealings with the situation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia was today because he almost set the region on fire on Twitter,” Williams said. “A person familiar with his thinking told us both [referencing fellow host Nicolle Wallace] yesterday they’re not sure the president knew there were Americans stationed in Qatar.”

The report starts around 1:59:

While Williams’s reputation is admittedly suspect, it wouldn’t be the most surprising revelation. During his diplomatic tour of the region in May, President Dumbass revealed he didn’t know Israel was considered part of the Middle East. Expecting him to know which Arab countries are U.S. allies is asking a lot.

The Pentagon, for its part, rushed to clarify that America isn’t turning its back on Qatar. Spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis commended the country for its “enduring commitment to regional security” and said Washington has “no intention of altering our current operations, not only in Qatar but anywhere in the [Gulf Cooperation Council].” Sanders also confirmed Monday the U.S. still views Qatar as a partner and said, “We want to continue to deescalate [the split].”

Is anyone even checking whether #45 reads those fancy maps his aides have been using in place of wordy intelligence briefings?

[h/t Mediaite | photo: Getty]