Sen. Republicans keeping healthcare bill secret before vote: ‘We aren’t stupid’

Despite literal pleading by Senate Democrats, Republicans in the upper chamber have no plans to publicly disclose the details of their Trumpcare rewrite, two senior Senate GOP aides told Axios.

“We aren’t stupid,” one of the aides said. Fucking cold.

The report comes amid fresh signs that the ruling party’s effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act may actually be dying like someone with an uninsured pre-existing condition. Politico reported Friday that Republicans suspect Mike Lee and Rand Paul are no-votes, meaning the party couldn’t afford any more defections from its 52-seat majority (or just that Mike Lee and Rand Paul want more say at the negotiating table).

Axios originally reported that a draft bill was expected Monday night, but aides said the timing slipped. Party leadership has expressed a desire to vote on the revised American Health Care Act language before the July 4 recess, so factoring in the estimated two weeks required by the Congressional Budget Office to evaluate and score the bill, the clock is ticking. Of course, the Senate could always just say “let’s just do it and be legends, man” without reading the legislation or waiting for a score like their colleagues in the House.

The latest among many hurdles for Mitch McConnell and his ilk, according to reports, is figuring out a way to appease the anti-abortion fanatics while stripping a provision in the bill that denies tax credits to those seeking plans that cover abortion, which the Senate Parliamentarian said violates the budget reconciliation rules Republicans hope to use to pass the AHCA with a simple majority.

There’s also the fact that the majority of Americans oppose the House Republican proposal, which is estimated to increase the projected number of individuals without insurance by 14 million next year and by 23 million in 2026. But I’m sure the sequel will be much better.

[Axios | photo: Getty]