Obama Releases ‘It Gets Better’ Video, Defines Irony

President Obama released an ‘It Gets Better’ video Thursday night.

Obama Releases 'It Gets Better' Video, Defines Irony

President Obama, perhaps the most bullied adult on the planet, released an “It Gets Better” video on Thursday night, prompting the question, “Really?”

Does it really get better? Mr. Obama no doubt did face adversity as a mixed-race young adult spending time both in the States and Indonesia. But for whatever bullying or teasing he might have faced growing up, have the insults and bullying really subsided?

Sure, he’s now engulfed in Secret Service at all times who would promptly shoot any literal would-be bullies in the head at the drop of a dime. Which I guess is sort of ultimate dream of any kid who was ever bullied on a playground. But for all his physical security, Mr. Obama may be the most insulted and derided man on earth. And not just on Fox News.

Remember when he was addressing the nation before Congress and Joe Wilson interrupted him with a derogatory, “You lie” taunt? George W. Bush also had disastrous approval ratings, but at least elected officials showed the man some deference. Mr. Obama has been called a “rag head” by State Senator Jake Knotts, condescendingly called “Kenyan and anti-colonial” by Newt Gingrich, and had everything from his Harvard Law degree to his American citizenship questioned by a movement of people too incredulous by how different he seems to believe that he could have been born in this country. Hell, a couple weeks ago someone even threw a book at his head. That’s the kind of thing only Iraqis would do to George Bush.

You might get safer, but does the bullying really get better? Does the discrimination stop? Nowhere in his 3-minute video does Obama address his own role in ensuring that the discriminatory “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that keeps gay people from serving in the military stays in tact. Isn’t a systematic singling out of gay people as unwanted and unfit to serve their country a form of bullying? Is it just me, or is this maybe the most ironic video of 2010?

A Federal Court yesterday approved the Obama administration’s appeal to restore “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” until the case can be argued more extensively. Obama’s administration is seeking to keep don’t ask don’t tell alive until it can be sent to Congress, where we all know gay people will suffer yet another bullying embarrassment when Congress refuses to overturn the policy, confirming for all to see that in the eyes of our elected officials and American law, gay people are still not fit to serve their country.

So, does it get better? Maybe. But something tells me President Obama might not be the ideal poster-boy for this campaign.