Senator Heinrich lets Sessions know no one is in the mood for his shit

Sessions kicked off his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee refusing to answer questions based on policies he pulled out of his ass. By the time it was New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich’s turn to question Sessions, he was quick to let the attorney general know that he wasn’t in the mood to play any of Sessions’ reindeer games.

Heinrich’s patience was tested when he asked Sessions a direct question on whether President Trump expressed any displeasure on the attorney general’s decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe. Sessions balked by trying to exercise an executive privilege that doesn’t apply to him.

“My understanding is that you took an oath, you raised your right hand here today,” Heinrich said, sounding like an exasperated dad tired of yelling at his kids to pick up their Legos. “And you swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And now you’re not answering questions. You’re impeding this investigation.”

Heinrich then laid out the three options available to Sessions: He could answer questions, he could refuse to answer sensitive questions in an open session and save them for the closed setting, or he could invoke executive privilege. Anything else is straight up obstruction.

The best part was when Heinrich asks Sessions if there were any written Justice Department guidelines on answering questions in a Senate investigation based on “appropriateness” and if so, he’d like to see them. The senator clearly wasn’t in the mood for any of Sessions’ grease pig maneuvering.

[screen shot: MSNBC]