Sessions tells Kamala Harris that her questions make him ‘nervous’

Not unlike Senator Martin Heinrich, Senator Kamala Harris has a bone to pick with Jeff Sessions over why he refuses to answer questions in an open senate hearing based on statutes that exist only in the attorney general’s imagination.

Amid Harris’s questioning on whether Sessions had any contacts with sketchy Russians during the 2016 RNC, the California senator pressed the talcum powder user for brief and direct answers, rather than his vague, rambling Foghorn Leghorn soliloquies. This clearly rattled Sessions.

“I’m not able to be rushed this fast,” Sessions said. “It makes me nervous.”

A black woman makes a known racist nervous? Who saw that one coming?

Things went downhill from there when Harris asked Sessions to provide documentation on this mysterious Justice Department policy that he believes allows him to evade questions asked of him in front of a senate panel. Sessions’ evasiveness didn’t satisfy Harris.

“It’s unacceptable that Sessions — the top law enforcement official in the country — cannot name his legal basis for evading questions,” Harris tweeted after he questioning concluded.

[screen shot: MSNBC]