Audio leaks of Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull making fun of Trump

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in damage control mode as audio of Turnbull roasting President Trump at the Canberra press gallery’s Midwinter Ball Wednesday. Turnbull probably thought he was in a safe space since the prime minister’s remarks at this event are traditionally off the record, but Nine Network journalist Laurie Oakes was given the tapes by a gala guest.

“It was beautiful,” Turnbull said, referring to his May meeting with the president. “It was the most beautiful putting-me-at-ease ever.”

“We are winning like we have never won before! We are, not the fake polls, not the fake polls, they’re the ones we’re not winning in,” Turnbull said, doing a Trump impression. “We’re winning in the real ones. The online polls, they are so easy to win! I have this Russian guy, believe me it’s true.”

For what it’s worth, the roughly 600 people in the audience sound like they’re eating up Turnbull’s comedy routine.

After the tape went public, a conciliatory Turnbull went on the radio trying to argue that he was making fun of himself more than anyone else.

From The Australian:

After the pirate video of the ­officially “off the record” speech was put to air, Mr Turnbull went on 3AW radio to express “dis­appointment” it had leaked and described the speech as “affectionately lighthearted”.

Mr Turnbull said he had been the butt of his own jokes and it was not aimed at Mr Trump.

“The butt of my jokes was myself,” he said.

In fairness to Turnbull, we all just assume that world leaders make fun of Trump to their colleagues after meeting him. Hell, some American politicians roast the president and then make the tape public.

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