Trump confirms he is under criminal investigation for firing Comey

On Friday, during one of his typical morning Twitter kvetch fests, Donald Trump shared with his near-30 million followers (okay, maybe 15 million) that this week’s report in The Washington Post was factually correct: The president of the United States is under criminal investigation for the firing of FBI director James Comey.

“I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt,” the 71-year-old tweeted at 9:07 a.m.

The investigation of course is being run by Robert Mueller, a former FBI director under Presidents Bush and Obama who was appointed last month by current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The scope of Mueller’s probe seems vast, given that reports have pointed to his attempts to obtain information on members of the Trump campaign’s transition team, golden boy/sketchy real estate mogul Jared Kushner, and former campaign chair/Ukraine shill Paul Manafort.

As for Rosenstein, aka presumably “the man who told [Trump] to fire the FBI Director,” there is a bit of a he-said/dumbass-said with regard to accountability for Comey’s termination. (Let’s forget, for a moment, that typically the commander-in-chief is considered the top official of the U.S. and thus has the final say in all executive branch decisions.) On the day before Trump fired Comey, so the story goes, Rosenstein and his boss AG Jeff Sessions were summoned to the Oval Office where Rosenstein was instructed to write a memo detailing the flaws in Comey’s performance as the head of the FBI.

Rosenstein, a career rank-and-file public servant of the Justice Department, complied with his orders. Though, as later reports revealed, the 52-year-old Republican claimed he was not aware that the president would use his memo as the basis for which he would terminate Comey.

As time passed and public suspicion grew in the Russia probe, particularly because of Trump’s firing of Comey, Rosenstein responded with the appointment of Mueller.

President Trump nominated Rosenstein for the DAG position on January 13.

[photo: AP]