Trump ‘has no qualms’ about throwing Rosenstein ‘under the bus,’ says source

According to a close personal acquaintance of President Trump, the commander-in-chief is more than willing to toss Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein into the woodchipper if it means saving his own ass.

The president got the ball rolling on his clumsy effort to kneecap Rosenstein on Friday morning when he tweeted an ill-advised tantrum damning the deputy attorney general for recommending that he fire former FBI Director James Comey, whose termination has prompted special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Trump for obstruction of justice. By tweeting that he is under investigation, Trump essentially confirmed Wednesday’s Washington Post story which broke the news by leaning on anonymous sources close to the investigation. Good job. There’s also the fact that Trump admitted in a televised interview to firing the former FBI Director to end the Russia probe, but why let that get in the way of things when you have a DOJ employee to kick around?

From The Daily Beast:

“He’s furious at Rosenstein, but the list of his people who enrage him is ever-growing,” a longtime Trump confidant, who recently spoke to the president, told The Daily Beast. “He has no qualms about throwing [Rosenstein] under a bus.”

The list of people who enrage the president is said to include Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation in the first place, and former golden boy Jared Kushner for convincing the president that the Democrats would applaud Comey’s dismissal because of him sandbagging Hillary Clinton before the election.

One person Trump has said nothing but glowing things about is former nat sec adviser Michael Flynn, who is largely the reason the president is in this mess in the first place. Although Trump is a known mercenary who won’t hesitate to stab allies in the back when it suits him, he won’t let go of his loyalty to Flynn.

What does Flynn have on him? Is it the pee tape? Please let it be the pee tape.

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