Trump randomly blurts out ‘I’m not under investigation’ in conversations with aides

President Trump’s singular obsession with the Russia probe is making the lives of his aides and advisers even more miserable than usual. According to White House sources speaking to Politico, his staffers are annoyed at the fact that they can’t seem to get anything done because all POTUS wants to talk and think about is the Russia investigation.

Trump has been doing nothing but watching TIVO’d cable news coverage, aides said, and griping about the probe. He is also said to blurt out “I’m not under investigation” in conversation with staffers and associates.

Sounds like an exceedingly functional work environment.

From Politico:

Just as he has done publicly on Twitter, Trump has told friends and associates that the investigation is a “witch hunt” and that others are out to get him. “It’s basically all he talks about on the phone,” said one adviser who has spoken with Trump and his top aides.

Aides have tried to change the subject, with little luck. Advisers have tried to buck up the president by telling him to be patient, agreeing that it is a “witch hunt” and urging him to just let it play out — and reassuring him, “Eventually, you will be cleared,” in the words of one.

The sentiment that the president himself was not under investigation was at one point technically true, as the Russia probe was initially concerned with campaign advisers who had contacts with the Kremlin. The president, however, perpetrated a graduate-level self own when he ousted the FBI director, leading a special counsel to cast a spotlight on him for possible criminal obstruction of justice.

Compounding the problem is the fact that the best lawyers suited to handle congressional investigations reportedly don’t want to defend Trump because they assume the president and his itchy Twitter fingers won’t listen to any of their advice and he’ll stiff them on the bill.

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