Turns out the presidency is good for Trump’s business

President Donald Trump has been dealing with a lot of stress lately, but at least he’s still rich, according to a 2017 financial disclosure form released Friday by the Office of Government Ethics.

The report covers liabilities, investments, assets, income, retirement accounts and other holdings between January 2016 and April 2017. During that time period, Trump allegedly held over $1.5 billion in assets, made over $500 million in income, and owed over $300 million in debt.

Almost $290 million of that income came from Trump’s golf courses, including $19.7 million at the club in Bedminster, New Jersey where Trump likes to nap and watch “Bloodsport” on the weekends. The president’s Palm Beach resort and nuclear war-room Mar-a-Lago made him $37.2 million, up from $29.8 million the previous year and $15.6 million in 2014.

The Trump International Hotel in D.C., which Trump leases despite the government-owned building’s contract explicitly barring public officials from holding the lease, made POTUS $19.7 million since it opened in September.

The president currently faces three different lawsuits alleging he is in violation of the constitution’s emoluments clause, which bans presidents from receiving payments from foreign governments. Since his campaign started, the Trump Organization has taken a liking to pawning overpriced condos to anonymous LLCs, and upon entering office, Trump refused to divest from his businesses. The company is not formally tracking whether hotel customers are foreign officials.

You can check out all of the dude’s scams and real estate holdings here. Still no tax returns though.

[photo: Getty]